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Referral programs are a highly-effective sourcing tool. However, with an average employee engagement of 10%-20% getting the remaining 80% on board is key to success. With GooodJob, achieve maximum participation and increase the potential of your referral program.

Keep Your Employees Happy with Referral Tracking

With the growth in social networking, it’s never been easier to broadcast information globally. But without tracking and rewards, it is difficult to expect your employees to join your referral program. GooodJob’s referral tracking monitors all activity, leaving employees satisfied that their efforts are recognized.



Harness Your Employees' Social Presence to Meet Your Recruiting Needs People love to talk about the latest happenings with their social networks. That's why we believe in the power of social media – enabling your employees to share their positive work experiences on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. 

Mobile App for Engagement On the Go The standard communication method of referral programs is Outlook and internal corporate portals. But when employees go home at the end of the day, they don't have access to these outlets. The GooodJob Mobile app, an easy-to-use, customizable referral tool for employees, provides them with an on-the-go directory of your open jobs, and a variety of social media, e-mail and direct referral options. Your employees have everything they need to stay engaged - anytime, anywhere!



Easy & Quick Leads ` By accepting leads, recruiters increase their chances of zeroing in on top referrals – especially for hard-to-fill positions when a good lead is a welcome contribution. Leads don’t require an attached CV, just a name and contact details – perfect for a mobile referral where it is more difficult to access and send documents.

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