With GooodJob, optimize your referral program for personal devices and increase referrals to top talent by engaging your whole team in the program.

Our groundbreaking employee referrals solution enables employees to refer and share your open jobs with their social networks directly from their smartphones. Built with our award-winning referral technology, it stands to revolutionize the way organizations approach their referral programs in this new age of mobile technology.

Mobile Referrals

While there is a focus in the recruitment sphere on smartphone compatibility for job-seekers, GooodJob is the first to optimize referral programs for mobile devices. Candidates are not the only ones going mobile today – employees are, as well. Referrals are a proven first-rate source-of-hire, and what better way to increase them than by equipping employees with the tools they need to make them on-the-go.

Go Social

Social media is the latest recruitment industry buzzword. In reality, most organizations struggle to make it work for them because they are missing a social media game plan. Candidates today want to build relationships based on honesty, authenticity, integrity and transparency. Employees are the perfect spokespeople for such a task, because they already have the trust of their networks.

Reach Top Talent - Faster

Referrals are the results of social interactions - and where are employees the most social? Not in the office, but rather when they are out and about with their friends, or connecting on social media.

Our solution boasts three comprehensive platforms for employees, candidate referrals, and the corporate recruitment team. Employees have access to a customizable smartphone app, from which they can access open jobs and a variety of social media, e-mail and direct referral options. Candidates are presented with detailed jobs pages, which in addition to the no-fuss application form, feature branded, multimedia descriptions of the positions, your company, and recruiter touch points. Finally, the recruitment team can control the entire process - everything from receiving new candidates, tracking referring employees, and managing new openings - directly from the admin dashboard.

GooodJob can be seamlessly integrated with any ATS.

"Forever Free" - Facebook Career Tab

Reach out to top talent via Facebook - for free!

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