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Employee Referral Software

10 Best Employee Referral Apps 2022


Are you looking for the best employee referral program to use in your company?

You’ve come to the right place.

Employee referral is regarded as the best recruitment method. It produces better-qualified candidates, it’s faster and cheaper and the majority of employees recruited through referrals happier and tend to stay longer.

This 15-minute guide lists the ten leading employee referral apps and software solutions in 2020. They are all rich in features that make referrals from your employees easy and productive.

If you are thinking about starting a referral

Best Resume Builder

Write a Winning Resume Online! Best Resume Builders & Apps 2022

If you're thinking about using an online resume builder, you've come to the right place!

What's In This Resume Builder Guide

In this in-depth guide we'll review the best resume builder apps and top-rated resume building sites that you can use to automatically build a great-quality resume or professional CV from scratch

If you are new to the world of resume builders, then don't fret: we also cover how resume builder apps work, the different kinds of resume builders available and their limitations. 

Note: This guide is about

Read More >> Reviews Reviews: What Do Their Customers REALLY Say?

Shares is one of the oldest and highest rated resume writing service online. They have some of the best resume writers online who can write all kinds of resumes and cover letters and create professional linked profiles. 

If a simple online resume-writing app won't cut it for you, then this is one of the best professional resume writing services to consider. 

As many of their customers have pointed out, they are more expensive than most other resume writing services.

Their cheapest package is $169.95 and their most expensive is

ResumeNow Reviews

ResumeNow Reviews: What Do Their Customers REALLY Say?


Resume-Now is a resume builder website by LiveCareer, one of the biggest resume building and employment resources website. The service helps job seekers create professional resumes and cover letters with ease.

You simply pick your preferred template and fill it in with your work, experience and education details. There are more than a dozen templates designed for different industries and skill levels. They also have a cover letter builder with several templates to choose from.

Resume-Now offers a $1.95 14-day trial period after which customers are auto-enrolled into the

Best Resume Writing

The Definitive Resume Writing Guide


This resume writing guide will help you create an outstanding resume that lands you interviews with the companies you want to meet.

In it, we offer tips for writing a winning resume regardless of your experience, position, and industry.

We’ll tell you what employers want (and don’t want) to see in a resume, how to get your resume to survive the ATS screening software most employers use and which of the latest resume tricks you should definitely put into your resume.

Why A Well-Written Resume Still Matters - a

Top 3 Signs Your Boss Likes Your Work

Top 3 Signs Your Boss Really Likes You


Knowing that your work is appreciated can be one of the greatest motivators in the workplace.

Numerous studies and surveys have shown that positive feedback is a cheap, yet immensely powerful productivity-boosting tool.

Unfortunately, some bosses seem not to have read any of those studies yet.

You may have confidence in the quality of your work and maybe even receive a lot of acclaims from your coworkers.

But when it comes to your boss you may as well be running the company down into the gutters. No pat on the

Best Resume writing and Other Jobs

Resume Writing Group Reviews: What Do Their Clients Say?

Resume Writing Group Logo

Resume Writing Group is one of the oldest and most popular online resume writing services.

They have been offering resume writing services for over a decade and have written over 80,000 resumes for job seekers in different countries.

From the hundreds of Resume Writing Group reviews spread across different platforms on the internet, it’s easy to see just how well-known the service is.

But if you depend solely on reviews to guide your decision on whether to use their services, you are in for a lot of confusion.

While Resume

signs your boss wants you to quit signs your boss wants you to quit

The Top 5 Signs Your Boss Wants You To Quit


You know the feeling when you a guest somewhere that you have overstayed your welcome? Ever experienced the same chilly but subtle get-out-of-here vibe in your workplace?

Firing people is a lot of paperwork for managers and HR departments. It also comes with the risk of litigation especially of the firing was done under shady circumstances. So what your boss might do is ‘encourage’ you to quit on your volition.

The start sending unspoken messages and change their behavior towards you. The hope is that you will feel uncomfortable enough