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Resume Prime Reviews: What Do Their Clients REALLY Say?

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In this article, we summarize what we learned by researching the internet to find every review we could find from real, verified Resume Prime customers.

Overall, most of the Resume Prime reviews we found are positive. The company also seems to quickly resolve issues raised by disgruntled customers.

Here’s a deeper look at what Resume Prime reviews from real clients have to say about the quality of their services and what you can expect from them, when you use them.

Resume Prime's prices are in the middle of the pack when compared with other resume writing services. Their cheapest package is $110 while their most expensive is $230.

What Clients Love The Most

Resume Prime provides a variety of resume services including resume writing and editing, resume updates and resume optimization.

They serve all kinds of job seekers, from first-time job seekers looking for an entry-level job to executives and military service members looking for a civilian position.

That said, here's what their customers like the most:

1. Easy Ordering Process

Resume Prime has a clean easy to use website. It is not cluttered with information and links like many other resume writing websites. This means that job seeker can find what they are looking for quickly and easily.

Most customers found it easy to pick the package they wanted and place an order.

In fact, everything you need to know is listed on the front page. This includes all the packages provided by the website.  

When you are ready to pay, there are several payment options available.

Resume Prime Reviews

If you want to learn more about the service before you order, click on ‘Resume Samples’ on the top menu.

They have samples for different categories such as executive resumes and military resumes. You’ll have a better idea of what to ask of your writer and what to expect from your finished resume.

2. Wide Variety Of Services

Another thing that customers praise is the wide variety of services provided by Resume Prime.

Regardless of field, your experience, or the position you are hoping to get, Resume Prime can address your need.

First-time job seekers can order an entry-level resume; students can order relevant resumes for admissions and soldiers can request a military resume.

There is also a federal resume package for those planning to work for the government and an executive package for job seekers with years of experience.

Resume Prime Reviews

And it’s not just about writing and editing resumes. They also optimize your resume using specific keywords that resume scanning software look for. This increases your chances of getting shortlisted for a position.

For executive positions, they’ll also write a statement of Executive Core Competencies and prepare a Knowledge/Skills/Ability Statement.

Most customers found exactly what they were looking for at Resume Prime.

3. Resume Quality

Many customers say their biggest challenge is writing a resume that is ideal for their position and industry. A resume that communicates the strengths they bring to the team and how their experience is directly helpful.

This is especially a challenge for job seekers in fields like IT, medicine, accounting, and government.

Resume Prime Reviews

Resume Prime employs top-notch resume writers with backgrounds in a wide array of professional fields. They know what potential employers want to see in a resume and the differences in wording and formatting from one industry to another.

There are even writers who specialize in niche fields such as military-to-civilian transition. If you are looking for an executive job, you’ll be assigned a writer with experience and training in that area.

Many customers are satisfied with the quality of resume they received. They even say it has been very helpful in getting them a new job.

4. Unlimited Revisions And Free Updates

Once you order a resume, the first draft is delivered within 3 business days. Not all customers were happy with the first draft. But the writers were willing to make as many revisions as necessary until the customer was satisfied.

You can request for additional details, better wording or a focus on something specific related to your skills or experience.

Additionally, Resume Prime offers free resume updates for six months after the first resume, an offer I’m sure several customers have taken advantage of. So if you decide to look for a new position or job, you don’t have to request and pay for a whole new resume.

5. Good Customer Service

While there are a few complaints about the customer service (see below), most customers praise Resume Prime’s customer experience.

Resume Prime Reviews

Many say their questions were answered promptly and their concerns quickly addressed.

Issues and Concerns

The main complaint among dissatisfied customers is related to the writer they were assigned.

While the company’s general customer service is good, some customers had to work with less-than-pleasant resume writers.

The most common complaint is a writer failing to make requested revisions. They’ll write the first draft but refuse to make revisions when a customer asks. They will either keep quiet or resend the same draft.

Another complaint from some customers is about writers failing to take customer instructions into account when writing a review. They might leave out information or write the wrong details. These are usually the same writers who refuse to revise the resume.

But these negative experiences are very few and far between, and you can always raise the issue with customer support. You can also request a refund or ask for a new writer.


If you are looking for a popular resume writing service with hundreds or thousands of positive reviews, Resume Prime is not that service.  We only found a few dozen reviews, in all.

But though they have fewer reviews, most of them are overwhelmingly positive.

Customers are happy about the quality of writing, the speedy delivery and the ability of writers to put together any resume requested.

Their customer service is also rated highly.  

We recommend adding Resume Prime to your short list.

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