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Resume Writing Group Reviews: What Do Their Clients Say?

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Resume Writing Group is one of the oldest and most popular online resume writing services.

They have been offering resume writing services for over a decade and have written over 80,000 resumes for job seekers in different countries.

From the hundreds of Resume Writing Group reviews spread across different platforms on the internet, it’s easy to see just how well-known the service is.

But if you depend solely on reviews to guide your decision on whether to use their services, you are in for a lot of confusion.

While Resume Writing Group enjoys a better-than-average rating on review platforms like Yelp and Google, there are also a huge number of negative reviews filled with all sorts of complaints.

For every customer who is happy she got her professionally-written the resume on time, there is another reviewer demanding his refund.

While mixed reviews like this are fairly common in a such an emotionally-sensitive market,  the presence of so many bad reviews can make it difficult to make a confident decision to spend your money on one of their services.

But customer reviews are still an essential part of the purchase process, and we highly recommend that you read several dozens before you place an order with Resume Writing Group.

To help you sort the truth out, we tallied and analyzed all of the conflicting Resume Writing Group reviews we could find online.

We wanted to find out what happy customers had to say most often, and what concerns have been raised repeatedly by unhappy clients.

Keep reading to learn what we learned about this leader in online resume writing services.

What Clients Love the Most

1. Customer Support

We have reviewed many resume writing services.

One common complaint among most of these services is poor customer service. Some services are even perceived as rude to their customers, especially after payment has been made.

This does not seem to be the case as much with Resume Writing Group. They provides an unmatched level of customer support.

Many customers say that before they even made an order, they were treated very well. Enquiries were answered quickly, and many customers interacted with managers at the company.

Resume Writing Group Reviews

Once you have placed an order, the level of customer service appears to remain above the norm. Resume Writing Group provides continued support whether it is in answering questions, addressing concerns or updating customers on the resume writing process.

And even after you have received your completed resume, the staff and writers are still available to provide continued support.

If you have complaints, need corrections or want advice on how to use the resume, they are beneficial.

2. Communication

Resume Writing Group’s reputation for open and honest communication is part of their stellar customer support. It begins before you hand over any money.

Several customers have said they had misgivings about using Resume Writing Group given the many negative reviews they came across. So they contacted the company first to get their concerns addressed. Instead of offering empty promises or lying, Resume Writing Group responds to such inquiries with politeness and honesty.

They will tell you openly what to expect and whether there are any guarantees they can give you.

Additionally, many customers are clearly grateful for the opportunity to talk directly with writers, which helped them to address their concerns and instructions more clearly.

You’d be surprised at how many resume writing services don’t allow this kind of direct communication with writers, perhaps because they outsource the writing to low-quality writers from other countries.

3. Prices

It’s interesting to note that many job seekers who chose Resume Writing Group seem to care more about service and customer support than price. Many are willing to pay a little bit more to get better service.

Value for money is another area where clients praise this service.

Their highest-priced resume package only costs $199 while students and first-time job seekers can get a solid resume for just $89.

It’s also great to see that Resume Writing Group does not appear to take advantage of their brand popularity or years of experience to charge ridiculously high prices.  

Resume Writing Group Reviews

Some clients have noted that service offerings are more limited than other providers, however.

Resume Writing Group does not include many services such as cover letters in its basic packages, although including the cost of these they are still fairly priced.

A professional resume plus a cover letter costs less than $200.

Add a LinkedIn profile writing service, and the total cost is little over $250, right in line with other highly-rated services.

4. Versatility

You will most likely not find another resume writing service online that offers a wider variety of resume writing and career services as Resume Writing Group does.

They write resumes in almost every industry, from accounting to construction and for any career level, from student to the executive.

Many customers say they had highly-specific requests that the company was able to handle with no problem. They were also glad for extra services such as LinkedIn profile writing, e-resumes and resume posting.

The post-by-fax service is especially popular.

5. Turnaround time

Many customers were surprised at how quickly they got their completed resumes, receiving their the first draft in just a couple of days. For those who chose the RUSH option, the first draft was delivered the next day.

Issues and Concerns

One of the most common complaints we’ve seen with Resume Writing Group (and several other resume writing services) is getting assigned a bad writer. He or she may be rude, unresponsive to questions or just a bad writer.

This is to be expected in a company that employs dozens of writers, but something that can ruin the service completely, when it happens.

Thankfully it appears from client reviews that their management was able to help most customers, including giving refunds, when they experienced problems with their writer.

Resume Writing Group Reviews

Another concern raised by some customers is communicating with writers. Sometimes, writers did not use the information provided in the initial questionnaire or in subsequent messages to craft the resume.

Again, this seems to be an issue with individual writers, rather than the entire company.

The best way to avoid this issue is to ask for a phone conversation directly with the assigned writer, before writing commences. You will be able to relay your instructions more clearly and will ensure that they are received and incorporated in your resume.


One of the best pieces of advice we saw for Resume Writing Group came from one of their customers. He recommended that clients calling ahead, before you place your order.

Pose any questions and concerns you may have before you order, and ask how they will handle your specific resume.

If you are not happy with their answers, there are always other top-rated resume services you can consider. 

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