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ResumeNow Reviews: What Do Their Customers REALLY Say?


Resume-Now is a resume builder website by LiveCareer, one of the biggest resume building and employment resources website. The service helps job seekers create professional resumes and cover letters with ease.

You simply pick your preferred template and fill it in with your work, experience and education details. There are more than a dozen templates designed for different industries and skill levels. They also have a cover letter builder with several templates to choose from.

Resume-Now offers a $1.95 14-day trial period after which customers are auto-enrolled into the $39.90 per month subscription.

Overall, Resume-Now has more negative reviews than positive ones. Most customers complain that they were charged the monthly subscription even after canceling the trial period. There are also complaints about poor customer service response when customers try to get a refund.

What Clients Love The Most

1. Variety Of Templates

Many customers praised the variety of templates available. It’s easy to find the perfect template for your needs. Whether you are seeking a traditional resume style or you want something a bit more modern, there are plenty of templates to choose from.

ResumeNow Reviews

Some templates emphasize your skills, ideal for those with little experience or those seeking entry-level jobs. Other templates focus more on experience and are great for executives and managers. You can also choose a template based on theme color.

2. Easy To Use Builder

The resume builder itself is easy to use. Most customers were able to build a complete professional resume in just a few minutes.

Note that you have to sign up first before you start building your resume. Once you set up an account, choose your preferred template and then start filling out the various sections of the template. You can also use your existing resume to start building a new one.

ResumeNow Reviews

One thing many people like about Resume-Now’s resume builder is the ability to move sections around. If you want to place Skills before Experience, you can do it. This flexibility allows you to highlight the sections that you think are most important for your employment prospects.

Many customers also love that they can add new sections to their resume. Some of the extra sections available include Accomplishments, Additional Information, Clients, Certifications, and Awards.

No matter which resume template you choose, you can still create your custom style that fits your specific needs.

3. Plenty Of Resume Styling Options

In addition to moving the template sections around and adding new ones, Resume-Now also allows you to change the font, color and other styling elements such as margins.This provides even more customization and personalization.

Using the menu at the top of the resume builder, you can choose which font you want to use in your resume. There are ten font styles including popular ones like Arial, Georgia and Times New Roman.

There is also a formatting tab with various styling options. Using sliders, you can change the top, bottom and side margins, line height, line weight, paragraph spacing, section spacing and font size.

ResumeNow Reviews

Issues and Concerns

Almost all complaints are about the billing with some customers going as far as calling out the company for fraud and misleading their clients.

For one, the service is very dodgy about their pricing. You have no idea you are going to be charged until you have finished building your resume. That’s when you are told you cannot download it without paying for the 14-day trial period.

Unfortunately, many people forget to cancel their trial period, so they are auto-enrolled into a pricey monthly subscription. But some customers say they were still charged even after canceling. Getting a refund was also a hassle. The customer support is not very friendly and will push you to keep your monthly subscription even if you don’t need it.

Read the terms and conditions carefully before you sign up with Resume-Now. Make sure you cancel your trial period if you don’t need their services anymore. I’d even recommend you call their customer support to confirm the cancellation and avoid a surprising billing to your credit card.


Resume Now is a fine resume builder app that is unfortunately marred by deceptive pricing/marketing practices.

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