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ResumeWriters.com Reviews

ResumeWriters.com Reviews: What Do Their Customers REALLY Say?


ResumeWriters.com is one of the oldest and highest rated resume writing service online. They have some of the best resume writers online who can write all kinds of resumes and cover letters and create professional linked profiles. 

If a simple online resume-writing app won't cut it for you, then this is one of the best professional resume writing services to consider. 

As many of their customers have pointed out, they are more expensive than most other resume writing services.

Their cheapest package is $169.95 and their most expensive is $389.95.

But a lot of customers say they got a ton of value for their money.

ResumeWriters' resumes are well written, writers are happy to make corrections, and the customer service is great.

What Clients Love The Most

1. Ability To Handle Almost Any Customer Needs

ResumeWriters.com is one of the most comprehensive resume writing services. They have an expansive list of services that covers almost any needs of job seekers.

If you are looking for a resume, they can write student, entry-level, professional and executive resumes. They can even create customized resumes for those making a career change and those transitioning from the military to the civilian sector.

ResumeWriters.com Reviews

They can also prepare a professional cover letter and a thank you or follow-up letter.

If your job requires a CV instead of a resume, they have writers who specialize in CV writing. 

They also have a rush option in case you need to send in your resume quickly. They’ll send you the completed resume within 24 hours.

So whatever type of resume you have and whichever your industry or experience level, ResumeWriters.com will work with you to create the best resume. If they can’t, they promise to give you a refund and even recommend a good service you can use. 

2. User-Friendly Website

There are some resume writing services with truly horrendous websites. They are cluttered with information, and you struggle to find the information you are looking for. Important details about things like prices, terms of use and refunds are hidden far out of sight.

ResumeWriter.com is a clean, professional website that is very user-friendly. Immediately you land on the website you can see where the prices are, the list of services, sample resumes and testimonials.

Because the services are grouped into packages, you can quickly pick the bundle that is best for your situation and place an order. It’s just as easy to select preferred add-ons such as E-resume and resume distribution.

Finding the right bundle and placing an order takes less than five minutes.

3. One-On-One Interaction With Writers

One of the most common customer complaints when it comes to resume writing services is poor writer communication. Either writers are hard to reach, or they are rude when asked to make edits.

ResumeWriters.com Reviews

But most of ResumeWriters.com’s customers were happy with their assigned writers. The service allows clients to interact one-on-one with writers via email. You can exchange messages directly, request for additions and suggest changes to your resume drafts.

Their writers are friendly and very responsive. As a result, most customers end up with a resume they are satisfied with.

4. Good Customer Service

ResumeWriters.com coupled responsive and friendly writers with excellent customer service. Whether you have an issue with a writer, need clarification on something, or you are requesting a refund, their customer support is very helpful.

Issues and Concerns

While email interaction with writers is good, it would be even better if ResumeWriters.com provided phone communication too.

Some customers say they prefer talking to writers on the phone. They are better able to communicate their needs and suggestions.

ResumeWriters.com Reviews

The other issue is the lack of federal resumes.

For a service that can write almost any kind of resume, it’s surprising that they do not provide federal resume writing services.

But you can still approach them if you want a federal resume; they might have a writer who can help you.It could be that they just forgot to list the service.


In the more than ten years that ResumeWriters.com has been around, they have accumulated a stellar customer reputation.

They are known for their skilled writers, great customer service, and a good all-round customer experience.

If you are looking for a highly regarded and trustworthy resume writing service, choose ResumeWriters.com. That’s according to their clients.

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